Sunday, January 18, 2009

We've Had a Busy Weekend

I had a little bit of a sleep in on Friday morning, but only a little bit. After a leisurely breakfast Bruce and I got stuck into the housework, washing, and FINALLY (I'm a little ashamed to say) taking down the Christmas decorations and packing them away. After lucnch we both headed off to our computers to do what we had to do.
Friday night we went out to a friends house for dinner. We had a great night, 3 other couples and a single lady, great food, good conversation, wonderful company. Most of these people don't drink alcohol, so it was a soft drink only night (ha! ha! you didn't think I could go out for dinner without having a champers or a wine did you...well! there you go, I have some secrets you don't know about!). The friends we visited only live a couple of blocks from us so we were able to walk to their house, which is so much better than having to load and unload the wheelchair. By the time we left at 10.30pm the evening had cooled down giving us a glorious evening to walk home.
Saturday morning we were up bright and early to meet friends (one of the couples from last night) for breakfast at a lakeside cafe called the Boardwalk. We arrived at 9.20am and after a very hearty breakfast, lots of coffee and water, and obviously a LOT of talking, we left at 11.30am. We strolled over to have a peek at an artist at work on the lakeside, and after about 1/2 hour of chatting to this wonderful Irishman, we dashed off home to grab the camera, then headed out to White Hills Botanical Gardens to take some pics of the sunflowers. The schools around the local area planted a maze of sundflowers and they are all in bloom at the moment.
The different sizes and different varieties were amazing, and so pretty.
Here are some pics we took:
A small portion of the maze of sunflowers.

Some were very tall, towering above like golden sentinels.

So many beautiful colours.

The bees were busy in nearly every bloom.
The different patterns in the centres of the flowers were amazingly beautiful.

This one had just started setting seed.

The seed looks brilliant up close.
After taking the pics we went home and had a fairly uneventful afternoon. I did race up to one of the local cafe`s where they encourage dog owners to take their pooches for coffee...puppicino's. It is a 'normal' cafe/resataurant, but they believe you can take your little furry friends with you...sitting outside of course. They even provide beds for the dogs to lie on.They have a picture wall of all the visiting dogs, and the person responsible for this little venture has asked me to do an album for her pets, so I went to pick up the phooto's. She is thinking that if she leaves her album on the counter, most pet owners will either want an album for themselves, or want a special page done to frame. We'll see what comes of it.
This morning, Sunday, I went to Bree's for the morning and picked her brains on CS2. I have been working on my lo for challenge 4, and this time totally needed to use a program other than FotoFusion. This afternoon I finally finished my page for the challenge and will post it after this post. I am having an early night tonight, then off to work again tomorrow. Won't that be fun????

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  1. I love all of your photos of the sunflowers! It's also nice to see summer when it's been cold and snowy here!!
    You certainly fit in a lot of activities into a short amount of's nice to read about your weekend! TFS!!