Friday, January 9, 2009

First Challenge for ADSR

Well, after a very slow start I finally finished my lo for the first challenge. Bree finished hers way before me......and its gorgeous!
I haven't done much scrapping lately (actually neither has Bree) and I found it really difficult to get a page done, I had really lost my mojo. I started, restarted, restarted again, and again, and again! I finally got something done and uploaded, and I am happy with it.......not thrilled, but happy!

Challenge 1#
1) Rip and tear a photo into three or more pieces! (that's a photo, not papers!)
2) Use journaling on your layout (something I stress is SO important).
Journaling: A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections
This is a challenge to be completed by both racers.
That's it! Anything else goes! You can have more than three tears. You can have more than one photo on your layout. You can have a lot or a few elements. You can use any theme. Just get a memory preserved as that is what scrapping is all about.


Challenge 2 has already been posted and has to be finished and uploaded by midnight Sunday. Its a hard one!


  1. Mazzy! This LO is fabulous! You did a wonderful job. I think I would definitely have a difficult time tearing a photo!

  2. This is lovely, Mazzy!! I agree...I would have a terrible time tearing a photo, but might have to try it sometime, just because! :) I really struggle "thinking or doing things outside the box" and it just seems to be getting worse! Anyway, you've done a charming job with this LO of Chloe, both with design and journaling! I LOVE your work!!