Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its SO HOT!!!

I've been back at work for nearly 2 weeks now, and if that isn't bad enough, the weather has decided to warm up considerably. Last week we had a few hottish days, but this week it has been horrendously hot. Yesterday 40C and today 41C....I HATE this weather. We, as yet, still have no air conditioning here at home, as we are still trying to save and get all the modifications done to the house for Bruce. It is travelling up the list now at very high speed lol!! We have the non slip bathroom floor going down in the next couple of weeks, then we only have to put the rails on the new ramp, then we can seriously start saving for the cooling/heating. It can't come soon enough for me....especially with the weather getting this hot. Everything else that needs to be done can wait until after the cooling/heating goes in, I'll be a happy little vegemite then!
I have been seriously thinking of changing jobs for a long time now. I used to LOVE my job, but I'm getting to the stage now where I hate all the responsibility, hate the beaurocracy and red tape, hate the inflexibility, and most of all I HATE how our clients have become less than important when it comes to the dreaded 'bottom line' and 'making a buck'.
Only problem is that after working in this position for 13 years, I have found that none of my qualifications are worth the paper they are written on any more......can you believe I'm not even qualified to clean toilets even need a piece of paper to do that....pardon the pun!
So, I guess for awhile I am stuck in this rut......but don't worry, I am keeping my eyes and ears open for any possible solutions to this problem.
If anyone out there knows of a job that pays an excellent salary, especially the type of job where you can travel, try out different resorts, holiday destinations, hotels, restaurants etc, maybe to look at access options for people with a disability so that Bruce can travel too....I'm the gal for you lol!!!! OK stop your fighting, I know NONE of you would tell me about this job until you had tried out for it yourselves LOL!!!!
OK, I've had my vent for the day, and my only excuse for being such a sourpuss today is the damned HEAT!!!!! Looking forward to a cooler day tomorrow.


  1. Great LO! You did a wonderful job with the requirements for this one!

  2. Oh I do hope that big vent made you feel a whole lot better! After many months of heat we are finally having a cool week. Now, we are calling 22 cool, and are really feeling cold. But I had a message from a cousin in central Canada today and it was MINUS 50 !! So I think we should stop wimping out, put on a second shirt, some long trousers, and just shut up!
    Do you know that if I could put you and Bruce in my back pockets, you would be travelling around the world with me? I know that you follow along with us through the blog but I know it's not the same. We really did set out for Oz several times this year but always seemed to end up with Plan C, D or E. Maybe one day. We know that Australia is not going anywhere any time soon.
    And, as for South America....we will do that wonderful cruise for sure but we will also, over the next few years, be doing some extensive land exploring on that continent. Including Machu Picchu of course! And shhhh.....just for you...plan B is, we are moving back to Mexico at the end of February. (Good travel base for South America) We speak the language, we're comfortable with the culture, we know what to expect (not like in Asia!) and the weather where we are going is perfect all year round, with lows about 23 and highs of about 32. Tony is very much looking forward to getting back to catching 45 kilo sailfish! More coming up in my blog.
    Take care my friends, you are always in my thoughts and prayers.