Monday, January 26, 2009

Blog Award

I'd like to thank my wonderful family, my manager.........Ooops sorry, getting a bit carried away here lol!!!

I'd REALLY like to thank Jane for the fabulous award....thanks so much Jane.

I am so enjoying this new world of blogging as I get to keep a journal of the comings and goings in mine and my families lives....with pictures, plus I have an online 'brag book' to share with friends and family, and I get to occasionally vent when things aren't going so well. As I get so much enjoyment from writing this blog, it seems really strange that others might actually like what you are doing too.
I have made new friends and been able to keep up with other friends through their blogs, and I am amazed on a daily basis at how creative, artistic, and interesting these blogs are, and how talented and wonderful the people who run them are. Two of the people I would have put up for this award, because their blogs are little miracles of artistic creativity, have already just received it, (yes thats you Vicki and Jane) but never fear, I still have a list of blogs that I absolutely love visiting and that really deserve this award - so here we go:

Girls just right click on your award, save to your computer, and upload to your blog. Please pass it along to 6 blogs that you love to frequent.

1. Scrap'It by Breeza Bree

2. Around the World with Helen and Tony Helen M

3. Tales from Colorado Lenore

4. Now Then Habibi Maz

5. A Pene for your Thoughts Pene

6. Digital Creations Sharon

Congrats girls, and thanks for giving me such great sites to come and visit.


  1. Awwwwww, thanks Mum......I'll put it up as soon as the Cyber Crop is finished!!

  2. How nice! I'm glad you enjoy coming along on our journey. One of my huge recent dissapointments is that we did not make it to Australia this year. Maybe one day we will be able to meet and get together for some good quality time. Either in Australia or in Mexico. In the and yours are in my thoughts. Big {{{{{hugs}}}} coming your way.

  3. Thanks Maz! My very first blog award!!! I'm with Bree, I will put it up on Monday morning! Thanks again and stay cool over this current heatwave xo

  4. Thanks so much, Maz! That means a lot!! Blogging is such a nice way to keep family and friends posted on the goings on in our lives, and I, too, love to "flit" from one blog to another (all around the world) to catch up with everyone!! I feel very lucky to have such a special group of "cyber friends" and you are at the top of that list!! {{HUGS}} to you, my friend!!

  5. I'm a bit late on the scene Maz, but thanks so much for giving my little 'ol digi blog this award. I love to share my digi world with the world out there as well as loving to hop around the blog world and check out what everyone else is doing!