Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh So Windy

Thats the weather, not me lol!!!!
Yesterday was another very warm day, and late yesterday afternoon the wind started to blow, getting stronger as the evening wore on. By 3am this morning I was up and trying to find out what was banging, what was rattling, and checking our side gate was still latched as it tends to come undone in really strong winds. The wind at this time was whining and moaning and was extremely strong, hitting the house in regular huge gusts that actually shook the house. It has stayed that way all day. Hot, very windy, with so much dust in the air that it looked almost misty. It reached a high of 34C today, but now, at 10pm, the temperature is around 23C. Much cooler and so much nicer for sleeping. The wind is still blowing quite fiercely though. I just heard a huge crash before, and upon investigation found that the bathroom mirror had blown right off the wall. Bruce had opened the bathroom window to let some cool air blow through the house, but it decided to try wrecking the bathroom instead. Lol! Thankfully we will not be experiencing 7 years of bad luck as the mirror, believe it or not, is still in one piece. How lucky is that?
I am hoping the wind ceases a little by tomorrow, I'm not a big fan of strong or otherwise!

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  1. wow....and I thought we were the only ones who had lots of wind!!! lol!! Hope you don't blow away my friend! You were so luckw with the mirror!
    Thanks so much for your comments on my photos...and to answer your question I use a Canon digital rebel...I LOVE it. I would love to own a newer version, however, Santa did not pull through this year!