Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Quick Update

Well, my scrapping seems to be suffering a LOT lately, but it is all for a good cause.
Bree has worked her butt off , with some help from Gill and Szilvia, to get the site ready for opening. It has been so exciting for me to see the site take shape. First the logo, then the calls, then the home page, forums, gallery and x cart. It has been amazing for me to watch Bree go through such a transformation - from knowing very little tech stuff to actually understanding a whole lot of the jargon, codes etc now. I am truly proud of my girl. ((((hugs)))) hon. None of this would have gotten off the ground without her giving us the big 'prod'.
We will give you more news as it gets closer to the opening day, which we are thinking will not be too far away now. We will keep you posted.

I have received the first CD of photo's from my neices wedding from the photographer. I am just waiting for the CD from friends of the bride and groom and I MUST get back into my scrapping I need to be pushed too hard lol!!!! I am REALLY looking forward to doing this album.
I have been asked by one of my friends at work to do a page for one of her husbands friends 60th birthday, so that is another little job I need to get done soon too.

Since my last post we have celebrated Kady's birthday. Kady lives with us during the week while attending university. All her family drove down for the evening and we went to a local Thai restaurant for dinner. We came back here for coffee and birthday cake. Her real celebrations with her boyfriend and friends took place on the weekend, and I'm sure it was a much less sedate affair than the family dinner LOL!!!!

Bruce and I travelled up to Echuca yesterday (Good Friday) to spend the day with his family. We had a lovely day...barby fish fry, salads, a few drinks, chockie and sweet things, and the fact it was spent with family, reallymade it a special day.
Bree, Michael and the girls are coming around on Sunday for a barby, Easter Eggs etc. So another special day to look forward to.

No pics for you this time sorry, but the camera hasn't been used very much lately.


  1. Hi Mazzy! I have been so busy lately, I am falling behind on visiting my friends! I am feeling much better, thanks. Sounds like you and Bree are about to undertake a great venture! Best wishes to both of you and let me know when the Grand Opening is, please! I don't digi scrap, but I would love to recommend you to those that do! Off to check out your LOs!

  2. Lol......I'm a little bit proud of myself.......I can't believe that last week I didn't even know what html code was and then yesterday I wrote 3 web pages using all my own's so exciting!!

    Looking forward to spending the day with you tomorrow!! Love ya hun xoxoxox