Monday, April 13, 2009

Here are Some Photo's Finally!!!!

I finally got the pics off my camera, so here are a few from the last week.
Kady's birthday cake...a 'Lumberjack' cake and a pic of the birthday girl.

The rest of the pics are from Easter Sunday. We had a wonderful day with the kids and grandies. Here are the girls after their Easter Egg hunt.
Ashie and Phee had a wonderful time playing in the pond and in the dirt. The girls all have amazing imaginations and play together really well....MOST of the time! Ashie and Phee were playing restaurants in this pic. If you saw what they dished up to us it was enough to make you sick, but they thought they made wonderful food for us LOL!!!!
Bruce and Chloe played 'Upwords' after lunch. Chloe seems to be really enjoying board games now. This is Bruce concentrating on his next move......
and Chloe pondering how she can outsmart Gramps on her next move.
The girls didn't get their basket of eggs from Nannie and Gramps until it was nearly time for them to leave, as they had so many eggs already. Our eggs came with packing and the girls had more fun with it than the actual eggs........
OK, so it wasn't only the little kids who had fun with the packing.....a BIG KID did too ROFL!
We hope you all had a very happy Easter and a great Easter break!

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  1. Some wonderful fun shots of your day!!! love the grass on the heads!!!