Friday, March 27, 2009


Calling all Digital Designers
We are looking for New or Established digital designers to join our team
at a fun and exciting NEW digi scrapping site
We are looking for Full, CU, PU, S4H/O, template and QP designers

What Do You Get?
#A new fun site with a great team to
work with
#Site advertising and promotion of your
#Site CT
#X Cart for full store control
#Personal forum set up for you and your
team if required
#Full shop access to all products
#18% commission Exclusive
#25% commission Non Exclusive
#Choice of PayPal or direct payment to
your bank account

What We Need:
#Fun, energetic, pro active designers who are
committed and willing to be part of a dynamic
#Maintain products and pricing in your store
#Participate in Mega Kits/Participation Prizes when
#Active on site forum and gallery
#Maintain self promotion and participate in store
wide events
#Samples of your work
#Links to your shops (if any)
#Link to your blog (if you have one)
#A short bio
#Why you want to join our team

If this sounds like a place you would like to call home then we can’t wait to hear from you
Contact us at
Calls Close: 19th April 2009
We can give you lots of help and full instruction if you have never had a shop or used X Cart before, so please don’t let this put you off applying for a position with us Calling all Digital Scrappers
We are looking for talented digi scrappers to join our team
at a fun and exciting NEW digi scrapping site

What We Need:
#Fun, energetic, pro active scrappers who are committed and willing to be part of a dynamic team
#Complete a minimum of 4 layouts per month

#Active in site forum, gallery and challenges
#Post layouts in Digi_ridoo, DST, and at least 4 other galleries
#Participate in site blog updates and CT enabling
#Commit to a 6 month contract
#Link to your most complete gallery
#List of current CT’s and commitments
#Link to your blog (if you have one)
#a short bio
#Why you would like to join our team

What Do You Get?
#A fun new site with a great team to work with
##Full shop access to all products##

If this sounds like a place you would like to call home then we can’t wait
to hear from you.
Contact us at:
Calls close: 19th April 2009

You all know by now that Snap and Scrap is closing down at the end of the month which has left Bree with no shop to sell her digi kits in???

Bruce and I have talked for a long time about starting an online business, especially a digi scrapping site, as we thought this would employ Bruce from home, whilst giving us a small income in the future. Of course I HATED the idea ROFL!!!! With the demise of Snap and Scrap Bree and I got talking, and before you could blink an eye Bruce, Bree and myself seem to have landed ourselves a NEW BUSINESS VENTURE!
We have finally taken the plunge and will be opening our new online store SOON! As you can see our name had to be a take on something Australian, but we hope we will have nationwide appeal. We have some really fun and exciting things lined up for our Grand Opening and lots of idea's for ongoing challenges and fun things to do on the site. I hope those of you who digi scrap will come and join us and take part in our online community. We would love to see you there.

Bree is extremely busy at the moment getting the site set up....I'm not much help to her at the moment, but I will be learning in the near future, and so will Bruce! We all aim on becoming tech savvy as quickly as possible. We have had a lot of help from a lovely lady who knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to tech stuff.......thank-you so much Szilvia.
This last week has just flown by in a blur, we have been really busy getting things finalised, having meetings to agree on where we go next, putting idea's together and deciding who does what. As you can see above, we are putting out designer and CT calls. We have a small band of wonderful girls on board already from Snap and Scrap, but hope to be able to attract lots more designers, and to add a few more girls to make up a really great CT. I'll keep you posted!

I 've had a weeks holiday, mainly to attend my neices wedding last weekend, but have to go back to work on Monday.......Eeeeewwww!!!
My neices wedding was absolutely beautiful. It was a relaxed affair, with the bride looking stunning (of course I am a little biased), and the surroundings and scenery just breathtaking. We stayed at a very nice place while we were in the Dandenongs...just happened to be the same place the bride stayed on Friday night and the bride and groom on Saturday night. It made it very easy to take lots of pics of the girls getting ready...and we had a blast with the girls on Friday night, gourmet pizza's and wine, yum. Actually Bruce had the best time...surrounded by 3 young beauties who all loved him...he was in seventh heaven lol!!!!
Here are some of the pics I took:

The beautiful bride and her friends
My gorgeous sister and her husband with the bride and flower girl and ring bearer......the brides little neice and nephew, and 2 of my sisters grandchildren. How do you like the look on poor Baileys face? He had just gotten a glimpse of all the people looking at him, and being an extremely shy young man, his little bottom lip was quivering, and he looked terrified..poor kid!
My neice chose to have both her mother and father give her away....what a beautiful thought.
The bride and groom after the nuptials. They did a lot of this sort of thing during the photo's...LOL!!!!

A very relaxed bride and groom
A beautiful moment with a beautiful backdropThe first dance

I so love this photo, but need to get rid of that speaker between their heads!!!!
This was a group photo....about 1/4 of the people got cut off....ah well! The week before the wedding, Bruce and I went to the Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo for Yum Cha. They only hold it one Sunday every month, and it was very nice to share this meal with some very good friends. We had been told that if it was authentic Yum Cha they would serve chickens feet. We didn't believe it.....but lo and behold what was one of the very first dishes after the soup??? Yes! Chicken feet!!! I have to say, I will always try anything once, and I'm so glad I did this time, because the chicken feet were actually very tasty......mostly skin and bone.....but tasty! LOL! We all had a wonderful time and have promised to go back agian some time. Here are some pics:

Zinnia enjoying some snacks before lunch

Lots of chatting took place during lunch

The guys between courses

I just had to get a photo of the shop, it intrigued me

The entrance to the walkway that leads to the Museum and the Chinese Gardens

Well, I think I've caught you up to date with what's been happening around here for the last 2 weeks. I'm now off to bed for a little shut eye....BLISS! Night night and see you again soon.


  1. WOW Maz!!!!! I'm just blown away!! your news is SO exciting!!!! I'm thinking I could apply for a CT spot?? I think it's so exciting that the three of you are doing this!!!

    The photos are really great of your neices wedding and what a beautiful spot to get married at!!Wow! They are a lovely couple!! Best of luck with your new is just so awesome!!!

  2. Maz, I am THRILLED to hear your news! I've been thinking and praying for Bree since I first heard the news about S&S. I'm so excited for all of you and will do everything I can to support your new venture... beginning with spreading the word! Hugs to you both! And gorgeous pics, btw!

  3. Congratulations on this new adventure..from another proud Aussie designer!!

  4. Oh really did get some great shots at the wedding....Kay looked absolutely STUNNING!!

    And you already know how totally excited I am about the other news!!!!

    love ya xoxox

  5. Woohoo! What great news for all of you! I just knew Bree was up to something from a few comments made on her Facebook profile, and I am so glad it is something we can all take part in! (Some as designers and CT staff....others as CUSTOMERS!!) It seems like just yesterday that Bree was urging you on over to "the dark side" of digi scrapping! You've come a long way my friend.
    Great wedding photos! There certainly is a family resemblance among you all.
    Good luck to all of you. Now, when can I start shopping? (This just may be the spark I need to get back into it! I found my trip around the world so inspiring but because I have spent so much time here and have scrapped so much of it in the past I'm afraid that the inspiration faeries have flown!)

  6. Yippee!! Congrats to you, Bruce and Bree on this endeavor! What wonderful news! Gee, with all this excitement, you m*i*g*h*t be able to entice me over to the darkside!! We'll have to see.....I'm up to my eyeballs (and totally overwhelmed!!) with my new camera and I couldn't possibly learn anything else new right now, but perhaps soon!?!!! It's been soooo long since I've done any scrapping!! I NEED to get back into it, either traditional or digi.....I'm taking hundreds of pics and no scrapping is being done! Oh oh!!!

    The pictures from your niece's wedding are just stunning! I LOVE wedding pictures anytime and you did a wonderful job of capturing the moment! (Wish I could see more!) They are a lovely looking couple!