Friday, March 13, 2009


What a wonderful surprise to come back to this award from my beautiful friend Jane. Thank you so much Jane, I am really honoured, and right back atcha girl!!!

I am going to share this with some amazing friends (in alphabetical order):




Thanks for being such a great bunch of gals, and thanks for being my friends!!!

Ok, Ok, I know I have been extremely slack lately, but I do have a good excuse, honest! Well sort of anyway!
LIFE! Yep, life got in the way of blogging, phot challenges, scrapping, and just about everything else. Life can be such a pain, but it can also lead us into doing the things that are so important in our lives....spending time with and for family and friends.
Work has been extremely busy, and weekends have been taken up with friends, family, chores and just STUFF! I just don't know where the last few weeks have gone.
Bruce spent a bit of time in hospital and will be going back for some more surgery later this year. He has made such a huge amount of progress recently. It probably doesn't sound like much to most people, but for us it is a gigantic milestone. Bruce has morning personal care, which means he has a worker who comes in for 1/2 hour 4 mornings a week on the days I work. These wonderful workers help get Bruce out of bed, dressed and into his wheelchair for the day.
Bruce informed me this morning that he put them on hold a week ago and has been managing to get himself up and ready in the mornings. He is going to continue for another week and then if everything is still going well he will cancel the service completely. This is such an enormous breakthrough for someone who cannot stand at all, and who has trouble balancing properly when sitting. Of course it means less work for me on days when I don't work, so that is an added bonus. I am mighty proud!
Bree is still offline after her move, but hopes to be up and running again by mid next week. She is now 'out of work' as she gave up designing at Scrapmatters because designing for 2 shops became too much while trying to look after the girls etc, and now Snap and Scrap is closing its doors at the end of the month. Poor Bree, sometimes she just can't take a trick!
Bruce and I are heading off to Melbourne next Friday to stay in the Dandenong Ranges for a few days. We are booked into rather luxurious accommodation which will be a real treat for us. I will post pics later! We are attending our nieces wedding, my sisters daughter, on the Saturday. I am going to be taking lots of pics as I am doing her album for her. I am not the official photographer, I wouldn't even contemplate that, but I want 'scrapping' photo's, which all you scrappers out there will fully understand. I am even being allowed to go and take some candid shots of the bride before, during and after she gets ready, so it should be lots of fun.
This weekend is another busy weekend for us. Today, Friday, we have had the guys in laying the new bathroom floor. After months of walking on 3 different types of flooring in the one room, it looks amazing with the new flooring down.
I had to go for a field test at the optometrist today. I had my regular eye test for my glasses last week and the optometrist found that I have abnormal blood vessels in my eyes....they are enlarged, which most often is a sign of Glaucoma. My Field test results for my right eye were atrocious. I don't seem to have any peripheral vision in the bottom/bottom right of that eye. So now I am being referred on to the eye specialist for more tests and a better look at my eyes. At this point I'm not too worried, as enlarged blood vessels can sometimes also be genetic. I went down this road once before some years ago, but the specialist although originally concerned, decided that there wasn't any sign of Glaucoma, but also didn't know what WAS wrong with my eyes IF anything. So off we go on the roundabout of appointments again, as my tests seem to be quite worrisome to the optometrist again.
Tomorrow night we are going to friends for dinner, then Sunday we are going for Yum Cha with other friends at the Chinese Dragon Museum.
I will post pics later. I think I have brought you all up to date. I'll be back soon.


  1. Dear Mazzy! I hope you were breathing while you were typing that long message! So glad to have you back. And, thanks so much for the blog award. You are too sweet. I am so glad to hear of Bruce's progress. How wonderful and I'm sure it has made him feel great! Keep after the eye check ups! I have such poor peripheral vision in my left eye, that I can't even have field vision exams any more! Long story, but started as an injury years ago...glaucoma...many surgeries. Enough about me. Take care of that family of yours. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. sounds like your life is pretty busy lately!! I have missed seeing you around but totally understand all the life can through at you sometimes...good news for the hubby!! hope it keeps up!!