Thursday, July 16, 2009

Would You Believe It??????

Just bought the new laptop right?
Got in touch with an old school friend of Bree's who has a computer business and asked him to take all the stuff off my old computer and put it onto my new laptop. I took the old computer to him on Saturday afternoon, and while I was there he decided to take the side panel off and just take a quick look inside. This of course means nothing to me because there is just a jumble of 'thingies' inside a computer, nothing that I'm interested in. He told me the capacitors were not looking good, but said he thought he could get the computer working again for me without too much trouble........this is the computer that the other guys said wasn't worth fixing and would cost too much so don't bother, remember?
So, I ask, how much do you think it will cost to get working again, thinking it would be way too much to bother even trying. He tells me with a new motherboard and some other bits and pieces, and labour....around $200, did I want to go ahead? Did I want to go ahead......if I had any idea the machine could be fixed for $200 I wouldn't have just spent a small fortune buying a new laptop!!! Go ahead and try said I.
Well, I had a phone call from this lovely young man yesterday letting me know he has fixed the computer, and has had it running for a few days with not a problem. I can go and pick it up. After a short phone conversation with him today, to arrange day and time of pick up, I was yet again gobsmacked by his response when asked how much it ended up costing to fix. He explained that he hadn't had to replace the mother board, that there had been a bit of a problem with the memory which he had fixed and would explain fully to me when I picked it up, so the total cost was $100. Can you believe that?????
I will have CS2 back again tomorrow, and my old computer is working better than ever! I am so thankful that Bree gave me his number, and I am so thankful that there are some honest, hard working technicians out there who believe in giving excellent service for a fair price. I will be reccomending him to everyone!!! Thanks so much Vaughn for excellent service with a smile. Vaughn runs QWA Computers in Bendigo, so if you live nearby and need your computer fixed, give him a call.

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  1. That's so awesome, Maz!! And such a rarity to come across someone who knows what he's doing and isn't out there to rip you off!! Now you've got 2 computers.....your laptop will be so nice when you have to travel for your new job!!!