Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Exciting Pieces of News

Firstly, I got the new job I applied for!!!!! I start on 3rd August. It has been quite sad resigning from my current job as I have been there for over 14 years, and the people I work with are like family. I always thought I would be there until I retired, but it just goes to show how quickly things can change. None of us know what life holds for us, and there are little surprises and unexpected forks in the road awaiting us even when we think life has become a bit humdrum. My last day in this job is July 16th, then a couple of weeks holiday, then training and into the new job. I am feeling re energised and excited that I will be doing something a little different, as well as learning new skills again, in my working life.
The really good thing is that I will still be able to see my current work colleagues often, as my new work place is not far from where I work now. I like that!!!

Another exciting thing for me this week is that I finally bought a new computer after being without a computer for quite a few weeks. I ummed and ahhed whether to buy another desktop or to go with a laptop this time. The decision was made more difficult because with my new job there is quite a bit of travel, which means I will be away overnight sometimes. This made me consider a laptop so that I could scrap and work on the site instead of being bored in a sterile motel/hotel room. The down side was that after reading a lot of the pro's and con's of laptops in relation to digi scrapping, it seemed that the laptop screens let the side down badly when used for photo editing and digiscrapping. As this is 90% of what I spend my time doing on the computer it seemed I was going to have to get used to the boredom in motel rooms.
Bruce finally came up with a solution that seemed to cover the whole gammut of problems - buy a laptop that I could take away with me, but at home plug in my monitor...problem solved!

After lots of searching and homework, I finally bought a Dell Studio 17. Pretty good gaming card for those of us who like to play games (512mb), 500gb HD, 4gb RAM, fingerprint security, face recognition, built in web cam and microphone, AND BEST OF ALL...........a 17" cystal clear screen...........nearly as good as my LCD screeen. So no problem with scrapping even when I'm away. I'm rapt.........sigh!

I still have to have ring the service guy and get all the stuff off my old computer syphoned off and put onto the new one, and of course I have to get Photoshop loaded again, but I am on my way. I haven't been able to do a LO since early June, so I am suffering withdrawals badly, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel now. SOON I keep telling myself, SOON!


  1. Oh, Maz!!! I'm soooo happy and excited for you!! A new job and a new computer all at the same time!! It must seem like Christmas in July! I hope the new job is wonderful and all you want it to be....and that the "settling in" period isn't too long or difficult! I'm jealous of your new computer, though there's nothing wrong with mine. It's just that my two boys are starting to spend more and more time on what WAS Mom's computer. Maybe next year I'll be able to buy myself a laptop and leave the desktop for them!!! :) Looking forward to hearing more about the new it similar to what you've been doing??

  2. good to come over here and hear such wonderful news!!! the new laptop looks so great...hope you enjoy every minute with it and I know you will love it in your hotel rooms!!! So wonderful about your job as well. I am so happy for you!!!