Monday, May 18, 2009

I Got Some Scrapping Done!!!

Yes, I finally got some scrapping done! I completed the LO for my work colleague and managed to get it to her with some time to spare. I actually used the LO I did for the 'Font Challenge' over at Digiridooscraps. Click on LO's for credits:

I have also managed to find some time to do some other scrapping too. Here are some LO's I finished in the last 2 weeks:

This one was for the Recipe Challenge at Digiridooscraps. My absolute favourite scone recipe. Bruce and Bree loved the fact that I had to take a pic of the finished product, so actually had to make some LOL!!!!

This was the LO I did for 'The Week That Was' Challenge. This is a twist on Project 365 where you still make a page about your week, but don't need a photo every day. With this challenge you can use as many photo's as you like for the week, or no photo's at all - just journalling. That suits me so much better than having to find something to take a pic of everyday, but still allows me to record our everyday lives.

This was my LO for the BOM. The prompt for May was to record your very first childhood memory.

The Journalling Challenge for May was to complete a LO with a list on it. I had fun with this page, as I am a list fanatic! I don't always read the list when I've made it mind you, but I make heaps of lists anyway!!!! I have actually accomplished some of these 'To Do's', but I have now added a whole heap more things to my lists.....I can't win!
I've had this photo since March, and although I have scrapped it many times, I have always ended up deleting the finished LO because I wasn't happy with it. Yesterday I decided I would try one last time, and THIS time I managed to complete the page AND I was happy with it! I actually started this for the 'Layer It Up' challenge, so it must have been just the motivation I needed to get my scrap mojo back for this pic!

I only have one more challenge to complete now, which is the 'Inspiration Challenge'. I am hoping to get that LO finished in the next few days, along with my 'The Week That Was' LO for last week. I also have another LO to do for a friend, which has to be completed by the end of May for her friends 40th anniversary of his ordination as a preist. I am also slowly getting started on my nieces wedding album....this job is one I am going to totally enjoy! A real LOVE job!

Digiridooscraps is gearing up for the HUGE Grand Opening starting on Friday the 5th June and going through the whole weekend! We are planning on making this a really BIG weekend, so don't forget to come over and join us. Pick up some fantastic bargains and have a great time participating in the Cyber crop, Speed Scraps, Scrap Bingo and lots of other fun stuff.......including lots of freebies and giveaways!

The Speed Scraps are being held on Saturday 6th at 12 noon (GMT+10) and Sunday 7th at 6am (GMT+10). We would love to see you there!

I will be back with more information later in the week.

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