Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Lights

We took the girls out for a drive to look at the Christmas Lights before Christmas. We set off at about 8.30pm.....still light, and returned the girls at around 11pm after a fairly lengthy drive, and a stop off at Hungry Jacks for sundaes and Storms, YUM!!!!
Other than the lights being absolutely stunning, the thing that amazed me the most was the generosity of the people who had set up these wonderful displays for others to share.
The first house we visited, the children came out with a bag of candy canes and gave one to every child visiting, how generous is that?
At another house the owner was dressed as Santa, his grandchildren as Santa's elves. They were giving all the children chocolates or balloons. They also had a HUGE projector TV set up in the garden with the WIGGLES DVD playing, so the kids could sing along too. Amazing!
Yet another house, the owners invited the girls onto the verandah to have a look at their very special angel teddy bear, which played Christmas carols and changed colour....just beautiful.
We let the girls get out of the car at most of the houses and the look of wonder and awe on their faces really made the night for us. They would often find hidden treasures in the gardens that you couldn't see from the car, and their excitement was catching.
After a wonderful night where our senses eventually went into overload, we took 2 very tired little girls home to their mum.
Here are a few of the pics we took that night:

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  1. Oh Maz!! I'm so glad you've joined us all in blogland!! I'm soooo excited!! It's going to be very wonderful to be able to keep int touch so much more easily and see more of your world. The pictures you've posted here of the Christmas lights are truly amazing....they certainly put our small display to shame!! I've rarely experienced the likes of which you've posted here, in person!! So glad your little granddaughters were able to enjoy it with you!!
    Looking forward to many more posts!! {{HUGS}}