Sunday, February 1, 2009

Its Been Over a Week!

My goodness, I couldn't believe it had been over a week since I last updated my blog........more than just a pic for the photo challenge. anyway!
On Sunday 25th January we finally got
to meet 2 of the wonderful girls from Bree's CT. We met as planned in the Botanical Gardens in Bendigo, with Pene and Sharon driving up from Melbourne on a very hot day. It was very nice under the shade of the trees in the park, so much so that we didn't realise quite how hot it was until we went to get some ice creams, and spent some time in the hot sun with no shade. We had an amazing day.

The girls were every bit as nice in real life as they've always seemed on-line, the kids all got along well, and we whiled away the afternoon with talking, cold drinks, picnic food........and LOTS of photo's. The kids had a huge playground to play in and lots of room to run around in the gardens, so most of the time they were happy to go off and do their own thing. I was really sorry when Pene had to leave, her children are gorgeous and she is a delight to be around.
We spent an extra couple of hours with Sharon and Toby, but finally had to pack up and leave, as we were taking Bree out for her birthday dinner. It was sad to see Sharon go. We had such a great day. I really hope we get to catch up again some time real soon.
Here are some more pics of our day.

We took Bree out to one of her favourite restaurants for her birthday dinner in the evening. We were able to get one of Bree's favourite meals, which is crayfish meal. 1/2 a cray, a couple of fresh oysters, prawns, king prawns done in filo pastry, salt and pepper calamari, salad and chips. YUM! Mick tried the duck in plum sauce, which was nice but very small. The girls had fettucine and another noodle dish....the girls LOVE noodles. We had a lovely night, but eventually had to get on home.

Monday 26th January is 'Australia Day' and therefore a public holiday. We went to a barby at Micks place in the afternoon.....another extremely hot day. Bree and the girls came, and Mick put on a fabulous meal for us all. I tried to get pics, but the girls were all tired and a bit grumpy, and it was so hot it left me feeling rather lethargic and unmotivated to keep chasing around trying to get that perfect shot.

In the end I only managed to get a couple of blurry shots of Ashlee who every time I pointed the camera her way pulled her T-shirt over her in the pic posted, or poked her tongue out....charming!
I did get a shot of Mick cooking the barby and the dog was very accomodating, but that was mainly because she was so hot she didn't want to move lol!!!! I used one of the dog pics for my photo challenge photo last week.

These are my lo's for the ADSR - Challenge #7
For the challenge instructions for both of these challenges you can go to our ADSR site ozziegirlz

And Challenge #8 - the lo I scraplifted by Mru can be found at ozziegirlz. Go and check out Mru's gallery , she is a very talented digi scrapper.
And finally, last weekend, Bruce and I went out for a drive on Saturday afternoon. We went out to a beautiful spot that Bree and Sabby take the girls quite often. There are lots of rock pools, big trees.......and the afternoon we went there were LOTS of teenagers and family's there. My aim had been to get some photo's of the water flowing over the rocks, but there were so many people there that it was difficult to find a bit of water that didn't have a body in it lol!!! Hmmm, wonder if that is where the saying a 'body of water' came from??????
Anyway, here are some of the pics I did manage to get -

This tree caught my eye
firstly because of this huge hole in the trunk,
and secondly, because of the amazing texture of the trunk of the tree, which wasvery knobbly and rough, almost like
thorns. It was really something quite unique.
Well, thanks for staying with me to the end. Sorry it was such a long post this time, I will try to be more regular with my posts in future.


  1. had some fun in your hot weather!!! So glad you got to meet up with on line friends and the kids are all super cute!!! Love that tree too by the way!!!
    Your LO's are amazingly beautiful as usual my friend!!!

  2. Hi Maz, just stopping by for the very first time to have a proper read through your blog and to accept my little award you gave me last week! Hope you have a fantastic day today - out of that darned heat!

    And it was so lovely for Pene and I to finally meet you, Bree and the girls. I had a lovely day coming up to that beautiful park and it's only an hour away so we'll definitely have to do it again when it's not so hot!!

  3. How nice that you all got to meet and spend some time together.
    The photos you got of the trickeling water reminds me very much of a place we went to in Cambodia. It was hard there also to get shots without bodies taking advantage of the cool water.